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About Founder


Meet Mr. Prasanna Kumar Valluri, The Visionary CEO of PXY Media, and a trailblazing young entrepreneur shaping the essence of modern India. With an unwavering commitment to effect positive change, he has successfully founded and led multiple companies, showcasing exceptional leadership both in his college years and the corporate world.
Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Mr. Valluri instills a culture of innovation and creativity within PXY Media, fostering an environment that encourages continuous growth and adaptability. His profound technical knowledge and keen intellect enable him to champion groundbreaking ideas, setting new industry benchmarks for innovation and quality.

As the CEO of PXY Media, Mr. Valluri remains dedicated to creating projects that stand out, setting them apart from the competition. He inspires his workforce to exceed client expectations, delivering unparalleled results with each venture. His unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the company's operations.
Beyond his accomplishments in the business realm, Mr. Prasanna Kumar Valluri the significant role that start-ups play in driving economic growth. He actively supports and encourages start-ups, understanding their potential to shape the future of India's entrepreneurial landscape.
With his forward-thinking approach and passion for embracing change, Mr. Valluri serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, inspiring them to push boundaries, embrace innovation, and create a lasting impact on society. His journey epitomizes the essence of a true leader whospearheads change, setting new standards for excellence in the world of business and beyond.